Dear Danish Football Union
You pride yourself in your values, promoting respect between human beings. Your leaders, national coaches, boardmembers and executives never miss an opportunity to claim a moral highground. Now we know that it is nothing but empty words, you couldn't even let the captain of the danish national team wear an armband to take a stand against FIFA.

The captain of the Danish National Team became an international icon when he showed true character in saving a teammates life and comforting his teammates spouse. True heroes stand up, nomatter the cost for those that can not stand up for themselves. You roll over when FIFA shows muscle? What are you? Man or mouse? You cave in because FIFA treatens you with a yellow card? Are you cowards?

No matter how much you talk about soccer and football, the innocence of the players, and how you want to change Qatar and FIFA from the inside, you can't ignore the fact that your playing on the graves of slaves.

Who ever wins the World Cup 2022, where is the honour in winning on a field soiled by the blood of innocent people, owned and controlled by an oppressive dictatorship that actively work against basic human rights, all because they had the biggest check for the FIFA executives?

Facts about Qatar 2022
The International Trade Union Confederation has verified that the World Cup 2022 in Qatar has cost the lives of at least 7000 migrant workers.

The FIFA files revealed that the qatarian Mohammed bin Hammam, president of the Asian Football Association, transferred $5.000.000 to a number of different football officials from various countries to ensure Qatar winning the bid.

Committing an act of homosexual activity is illigal with a minimum sentense of 3 years an prison. The maximum is 7 years, but in some cases it is still possible to be sentenced to death by stoning.

The official guide to fans visiting Qatar among other things, states that "Swearing and making rude gestures are considered obscene acts and offenders can be jailed and/or deported,"

Kosher food and public Jewish prayer services has been actively banned by the Qatar government during the World Cup.

The head of the Qatar bid delegation stated that if Israel were to qualify, they would be able to compete in the World Cup.